Thursday, February 17, 2011

We can change the world into what we dream it to smile at a time

Could love not be captured more beautifully than in the smile of a child! Physically these children may have next to nothing but they have the whole world in their tiny hands. They have a world where there is no war, but peace; a world where when you fall down there is someone there to pick you up; a world where wealth is shared and you never eat alone; a world where communities welcome the stranger and our house is your house; a world where suffering is turned into joy; a world where peace comes from holding no grudges, forgiving and moving on. A world like this is not a dream or a fantasy. It is possible. We can cross over the stream and get our feet wet. We can embrace our neighbour and show love in the ways that only we as an individual can. The answer is not in how much we do for others and how many projects we undertake, but simply in the amount of love we pour into every person that we encounter, into everything that we do. With love we can create this world into the wellspring of love and joy that we envision it to be. Throw away the old-self, put on the new, arm yourself with the shield of righteousness and step forward into a battle to fight for what you believe we as human beings should be living for: a world where love is present and felt each day which could be as little as receiving a smile from a passing stranger. And with God we will not lose battles because He is always the Victor!

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