Monday, May 10, 2010

Here I am in my African attire ready for the "Teachers Day" procession where all the schools of Aru march to the beat of the African drum around the "grand terrain" holding a sign with their school's name which all takes roughly 4 hours. I found the whole fete rather pointless but none the less culturally interesting and of course very draining (I got THE worst sun burn on my back!!)


Here is our neighbour preparing a "termite gateau" which involves smashing the termites with a rock along with some green onions and other things and then boiling it in oil. It does not resemble or smell anything at all like the cakes I know but this is truly a "cake" for the Congolese.

We ate some fried termites in oil and salt which were surpringly not bad once you got past the sight of them. They taste a little like meat and have a crunch to them. During the rainy season they are everywhere and the Congolese eat them all the time. One of the Italian Sisters who has been in Congo for 50 years plucked a flying termite from the air, pulled off the wings and ate it live!!! 

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