Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My clinic is finally finished

 Here is my clinic after 4 months. It is now officially being put to use. I am not sure how it took 4 months to prepare a room with one bed, a chair and a cabinet, I guess only in Africa

So I have finally opened my "little Physio clinic" here. I have 4 patients so far, all of which are men in their 60's with back pain; 2 of the 4 speak basic French but mostly Lingala so I have been using the little Lingala I know with them which is pretty interesting. One of them has to walk 5 kilometres to get here and I think to myself afterwards whether or not whatever massage therapy I gave to him was worth it...I hope. I have to wear a white nursing coat which is smoking hot to wear in the middle of the day. I am now trying to figure out how scheduling works here. I told the first 2 patients certain times to come and they told with great assurance that they would arrive at that time. I am not sure what I was thinking when I thought they would actually arrive at the certain time. I waited an hour for the first guy to arrive and then the next one had already arrived. This is going to be an interesting experience. These patients I have so far basically have overworked their bodies and have never stretched their muscles in their lives. I am getting very comfortable with massaging some pretty nasty feet. For many people here it is common to walk and run without shoes resulting in some beautifully calloused, leathery, weathered and twisted feet. Hooray for me who gets to touch these precious gems! It is pretty funny when I try to explain how to stretch (basic stretches that I learnt when I was in grade 4 gym class probably). I told one of my patients to do large circular rotations with his arm and somehow he understood turn his whole body in a cirle. So here is this old man turning around in a circle with his arm out to the side while I am restraining myself from laughing at him. Well, my clinic is pretty small but it is nice and cozy and has a beautiful breeze and a view of some of my favourite trees here in Congo and I can always sit outside and play with my favoutire little kids who are always hanging around the health centre. I am excited to see what other kind of people I get to work with. Hopefully 4 months of waiting pays off. Although I must say that my wrists are a little fatigued after only 1 week of doing massage.


  1. Haha! Keep up the good work LyddieLum

  2. I agree, keep those people coming to your clinic!

  3. awesome I put-off buying this for months,