Friday, November 20, 2009

There are now only 10 days left until I leave for the Congo and I am beginning to get more and more excited. My time here in Rome has been filled with many great experiences. I have learnt a lot here such as cooking skills, how to play guitar, French lessons and some Italian as well.
I feel very blessed to be here in Rome. The 5 of us, excluding Tomas, went to St. Paul's outside the walls Basilica which was another amazing church. The whole day the 5 of us spent time getting to know each other since the 3 Italians will be leaving in February to join Karen, Tomas and myself. I feel that our group is very diverse and each of us brings different personalities, experiences and talents to the group. I know that all of us have been brought to this mission for a reason, and I am excited for all of us to build community in Africa. The Italians shared with us about their summer experience in the Congo (all of them spent 1 month there volunteering). Here are a few things they shared with us:
- Matteo would not wish the bus ride from Kampala to Arua to his worst enemy (it is that bad...I think it's just really uncomfortable)
- the animals there consist of goats, chickens, cows, monkeys, and fun insects such as termites, spiders, moths, beetles (I will not see elephants or giraffes walking around)
- the cows and goats do not give milk
- the vegetables there are mostly tomatoes, egg plant, potatoes, and squash
- we have to kill our animals to get meat (chickens and goats)! this is going to be an adventure!
- the people also speak Lingala as well as French
- The stars there are beyond words!
- the washing machine there doesn't work
- Africa will change your life!!!!

As much as some of the above scare me a little bit (particularily the insects), I feel that the good will outweigh the negatives immensely and that it all comes down to the people. I want to be like St. Peter and step out of my boat or my security and go wherever the Lord calls me. I am excited to see if all of these things the Italians have been telling me are true...hahah, you never know about those Italians.
I hope to communicate through this blog during my year and I hope that I will be able to offer some insight into my world and share with all of you. Thank you thus far for following my blog and I hope that all of you have a really great year full of many adventures. Keep me in your prayers especially as my departure grows nearer and that my journey is a safe one.

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  1. sounds like it will be quite the experience :) i'm sooo excited for you! i'll be praying for you a lot this last week! love you!